Feature Article

Feminism + Farming on Anthrodish Podcast

In late August, I had the pleasure of being featured on AnthroDish, a new Canadian weekly podcast that focuses on the collision of food, identity, and culture.

Host Sarah Duignan and I discuss the ways in which feminism and farming intersect, and the research that inspired Women Who Dig. We talk about what it means to be a farmer, particularly who has or hasn’t been traditionally viewed as a farmer in different cultural contexts. We speak about the varied ways in which feminism has shaped farming in day to day life for women, and the ways resiliency may help shape the future of farming with increasing threats of climate change across the world.

Listen to the full-length episode on AnthroDish’s website – and be sure to check out the other interesting episodes. Special thanks to AnthroDish for such an enjoyable and engaging discussion.